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What do you need? You need a voice for your project that will engage, excite, and inspire your audience.

What can I provide? As a high school English teacher, a novelist, and a journalist, I understand the teaching power of the written word. As a mom, a performer, and a mentor, I understand the touching power of the spoken word.


When we work together: We create an emotive sound with an interpretative, creative, and ultimately, collaborative approach to reaching all of your project targets. 

Want to impress your community and your customers with a professional, yet approachable sound? Something well produced but still complete relatable? Then let's work together!

I'd love to work with you, so let's get in touch!

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781-913-1083                                          saraheileenvo@gmail.com

warm, bright, & charismatic

adult female voice

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  • commercials, promos, demos

  • audiobook narration

  • e-learning & explainer videos

  • documentaries

  • IVR

  • intros & outros

I am based in Boston, Massachusetts, but I have done work for companies across the country!

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